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We offer you devices such as: CMD Flash, Autotuner, Bflash, X17, Alientech and many more

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Quality of products and services

We are committed to providing the highest quality of products and services. We are active users on multiple forums so we are very close to customers from across Europe and other continents including Asia and Australia.

Years of tuning experience

For many years we have been the users of most of the chiptuning tools available on the market. We are able to help in emergency situations which are not lacking in this business. Many drivers have trusted TC-Performance.com and were not disappointed, because we never leave the customer alone with a problem.

Always up to date with chiptuning news

We are in constant touch with the best tuners in the world, among which we have friends. The advanced technology and high quality equipment that we use creates a positive experience for the driver.

Helpful helpdesk

Our helpdesk is always willing to help. We know how the tuning process is made. We share our experience in ECUs programming and very often we help faster than support device. Buy our slave units and enjoy preferential conditions!

Our ecu files service currently
operating in over sixty countries.